Moon Viewing Silent Auctions

Silent Auctions at Moon viewing Festival was very successful. Thank you very much for your participation and support.


.: Event photos:

.: Phoenix city hall from Oct. 20 - 24, '08


.: ASU Downtown Campus from Oct. 27 - Nov. 9, '08

News ! News ! The event story published on ASU Online News: Click Here for the Link !

Here are some comments from the guest book at the Hiroshima Calling exhibit at ASU downtown campus library:

A) Thank you for sharing, I think this is an important part of world history, and something we can all learn from.

B) Thank you for this exhibit. Truly it is a very moving and emotional depiction of the aftermath of such horrific event.

C) Thank you for this exhibit and the reminder that we never let this happen again.

D) Very informational! Great exhibit! I hope a lot more people get to see it!

E) An excellent exhibit! It is a side of the story that not many know and more should take the time to. Understand. Thank you for this exhibit.

F) I hope this teaches people that no one wins in war. People can only lose when their lives are destroyed. Peace and love always.

G) It was an intense experience that I hope will change the neorealist mentality. If we forget what happened in out past, we are prone to repeat it.

H) Very impressive and important to see these posters. Thank you.

I) Your support is around the world.

J) The ASU libraries are honored to host this exhibit. ASU library director, Scott Muir

.: ASU Downtown Phoenix Library Center






.: thank you!


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